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This is my shop.  Here you can buy prints of my acrylic and oil portrait paintings, and sometimes I'll have originals for sale here too.  See more work on my gallery page.  Use the contact page to get in touch.  Take a look around and thanks for stopping by!

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Each of these certified-archival prints are made with light-fast inks on thick, acid free paper.  They capture much of the paint and canvas texture and will look like a real painting hanging on your wall.  There are twelve to choose from, with more coming soon.  Make sure to let me know which paintings you'd like me to make prints of!


See all the texture of the layered brushstrokes, fingerprints, and the occasional embedded dog hair.  Nothing beats the original painting.  All works are signed on the back and shipped worldwide.

In addition to what's online, I have more work available, including sketches and paintings not yet photographed.  Contact me if you're interested.


About Me


I'm an illustrator, concept artist, and portrait artist.  On this site you can see my acrylic and oil portrait paintings.  I currently live in Wilmington, NC with my husband Jud Lively, who is a designer and illustrator in the craft beer industry, and our little dog Cricket.

To stay updated on new art, please follow me on Instagram - @lindseylivelyart.  I have a lot of new illustration work I'll be sharing soon.  If you want to get in touch, send me an email.


Check out the links below if you haven't yet.  Thanks for visiting my site!